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I am an undergraduate student at SUNY Cortland with the passion and desire to teach students of all ages about physical education and active healthy lifestyles!

Standard 3

NASPE/NCATE Beginner Teacher Standard 3:
Planning and Instruction

Physical education teacher candidates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

During EDU 355: Phys Ed Curriculum Plan & Practice, I have gained the knowledge necessary to create a correct a Scope and Sequence that outlines the Physical Education curriculum for grades K-12. Having a Scope and Sequence allows me as an educator to keep track of what and when my students will be engaging in certain activities. This is not picked at random, each skill, sport, and activity are organized to fit a developmentally appropriate timeline that will educate the learner. Not having a correct Scope and Sequence will lead to overlapping in activities as well as increasing bordem and frustration in the students.

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On my quest to physically educate our youth I vow here and now to never give up as long as there is one student who has the desire to learn!