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Monday, April 18, 2011

Philosophies in progress: Teaching

Teaching, the reason I am supposed to be on this planet. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be who I am, and I would have different values. My experience as a learner has taught me that teaching can take place anywhere and at anytime. I have developed a professional mentality when considering my teaching ability, I am new, but I am ready with the tools necessary to educate others. Understanding the different students, different curriculums, and different styles of teaching are essential when trying to relay information from me to my learner. I believe that there is no one right way to teach, due to the fact that there is no right way to learn, we all learn at different rates and in different ways. So we have to teach in different ways to adapt to certain learning habits. Teaching styles such as; command, practice, and reciprocal are a few where the teacher makes a majority of the decisions, where as guided discovery, divergent, and inclusion allow the learner to make more decisions. With a class who moves fast and gets bored easily we can use one of the student-centered approach where they can choose the pace at which they move without even realizing. Now there is a time and place for each style and it is the responsibility of the teacher to be able to distinguish when it is appropriate to use set style.
Being able to observe correctly will enhance any teacher’s ability to understand their students. For this is seeing with understanding. Being able to take that understanding and reciprocate it to the learner to better their skill is a firm action I regularly take place in. It’s not practice that makes perfect, its perfect practice that makes perfect. Now obviously it is very hard to reach for perfection but it is vital that we have it in the sight for all students without it there is no point of getting better. Assessments are a vital tool to use when observing students productivity, it will show competence or lack they’re of, in the psychomotor, affective, and cognitive domains. Upon assessing will allow us to determine if students are ready to move on or if more refined practice must be done.
I understand that the most effective teachers are the ones who teach with passion and purpose, if you are not one of these people than you need to find a new career because I will not sit by and watch unmotivated educators ruin the minds of young learners who have just as much right to a great education as the next.

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